Bcp Fluted Packaging


BCP BuildingBCP is a well established company with a history dating back 80 years. Its growth strategy over the past 10 years has included a consistent product innovation programme which now provides packaging solutions across a diverse range of market sectors, including:

- Perfume & Cosmetic Liners
- Insulated paper cup wraps
- Food packaging (susceptor, greaseproof) for Food-To-Go
- Bakery

BCP operates within the corrugated paper market, but not in traditional, commodity driven sectors: our point of difference is in the functionality and presentational qualities – using fluting as insulation against heat, and for safety and rigidity.

BCP has made major investments over the last 5 years which have not only enabled BCP to invest in new equipment, but also to move to a bespoke new factory in Blackburn, Lancashire, from where we corrugate, die-cut, and glue – all under one roof.

BCP have achieved the BRC/IOP Global Standard for Food Packaging & other Packaging Materials.

BCP & Design – Design within BCP is a fundamental part of the commercial process and BCP have an experienced team of Designers and CAD/CAM system to offer their customers assistance in developing bespoke packaging solutions and samples. Our Design team work closely with our vastly experienced production team to ensure our quality is second to none.

For more information please visit: http://www.bcpflute.com