Colep Factory
Colep, a RAR Group company, is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics, personal care, beauty, homecare and consumer healthcare products and a major supplier of tinplate and plastic packaging. With a turnover of 478 million euro, Colep employs around 3,400 people in Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Our Innovation Centre and European Centre for Application Technology offer a unique experience for customers.

We work in partnership with multinational brand owners to provide personal care and beauty consumer goods. We offer fast and flexible outsourcing solutions, which includes everything from conceptual work on new ranges, through to delivery to destinations across the world.

Our expertise in contract filling allows us to be our customers’ choice of partner, and in some cases, an extension of our customers’ own facilities. With 7 plants manufacturing personal care and beauty products, we offer transatlantic solutions to multinationals looking for proximity to their markets.

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